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Artist Statement

I have been painting with oils and acrylics on canvas sporadically for over 30 years.

Finally, I have found the joy, gusto and drive to paint every day and see what happens when I sit down with a fresh palette of paints and a blank canvas. Will it be oils, pastels, acrylics or mixed media? Canvas, board or paper? Which tool should I use? A large, medium or small palette knife? Brushes? Sponges? A toothbrush? You get the picture. It’s all exciting, fresh and a little daunting when I think about what I’m going to create today – the possibilities are endless with abstract acrylic works – my favorite and most prolific art process right now.

My attentive “wild & free” inspiration visits me like clockwork everyday when I paint abstracts, mostly stemming from personal and professional successes and challenges, road trip adventures & vistas, international travel to ancient places, classic & modern art, music (I’m also a singer and songwriter), and what’s happening in my life at the moment.

Staying present when painting is crucial to honoring my intuition and letting the tools and paint colors guide my process. I love listening to music when I paint, and often the direction of the painting changes, depending on the music and how it is guiding me through my feelings and thoughts. My work emotes from a deep place with in me, with bold, robust and striking artworks generated by the rich colors I love to work with along with composition and depth that I find critical to a successfully completed work of art. 

I believe abstract art is a “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” perspective. I envision that my paintings bring a sense of beauty, power, solidity, hope, inspiration, playfulness, balance, transparency, empathy, thoughtfulness and a connection to your spirit.  

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