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Artist Statement

I have been painting since I was 6 years old. My urge to express myself creatively, I believe, has innate origins. I think every human is born with this momentum and feel that we are on this physical plane to find our particular way of creating that supports our highest good as individuals and as a collective.

Over the course of my lifetime (51 years), I have studied 2-D and 3-D visual art, dance, theater and music. I was trained in “Observational and Figurative” painting under the guidance of Eve Mansdorf at Indiana University and continued my education in the MFA program at Western Michigan University under the teachings of Lou Rizzolo. Eve Mansdorf taught me how to be a technician. Lou Rizzolo encouraged me to “unlearn” the limitations of being a technician and how to use all of my knowledge to move forward into my “true artistry.”

My most recent paintings are a fusion of my past studies, my present need to produce in a new way, and my future desire to share this beauty with others. I usually do not start a painting with a contrived image. I simply apply paint to canvas. Fields of color and texture present themselves and then the imagery starts to take shape. Memories and meaning attach to the colors and textures as I allow the painting to emerge. It is similar to unguided meditation. This progression is the reverse for many artists, yet this is where I find the magic.

I am a conduit for a creative force to flow through, directing me. My job is get out of my own way, lay the ego to rest, and let my “meta” self take over the helm “allowing” the painting to reveal itself. This process guides me to access the highest parts of my potential. This is my church, my way of praying, my true home.

Influences include: Nathan Oliviera, Mark Rothko, Odd Nerdrum, Lucian Freud, Eve Mansdorf, and Lou Rizzolo.

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